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Mary Margaret McBride

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Radio Personality

The Resume

    (November 16, 1899-April 7, 1976)
    Born in Paris, Missouri
    Journalist, critic, and author
    Broadcast the ‘Mary Margaret McBride Program’ on CBS (1937 - 41), NBC (1941 - 50) and ABC (1950 - 54)
    Broadcast as ‘Mary Deane’ (1934 - 37)
    Wrote the books 'New York Is Everybody's Town' (1931), 'Tune in for Elizabeth' (1945), 'Mary Margaret McBride's Harvest of American Cooking (1957), and 'The Growing Up of Elizabeth' (1966)

Why she might be annoying:

    She wrote two autobiographies.
    She was parodied by Bob and Ray as ‘Mary McGoon.’
    That’s not nearly as bad as her expy in the Fantastic Four comics (‘Molly Margaret McSnide’).
    Collier's Weekly dubbed her listeners `McBride's Dustpan Army.'
    She tried to translate her radio show into the then-fledgling television format but it flopped and was canceled after only three months.
    The failed attempt was spoofed on the salad dressing episode of I Love Lucy (with Ethel hawking Aunt Martha’s Salad Old Fashioned Dressing as Mary Margaret McMertz).

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was a reporter for a Cleveland newspaper, before moving to New York and going freelance.
    Her daily audience numbered from six to eight million listeners at its peak.
    She held her 1949 anniversary celebration at Yankee Stadium because it was the only venue large enough to accommodate a crowd of over 75,000 fans.
    The tea rose, 'Mary Margaret McBride' was named in her honor in 1942.
    Her show was regularly dismissed as housewife fluff - but she regularly had authors, journalists, and politicians on as guests -- the only requirement being they ‘have something worthwhile to say.’
    She devoted her show to civil rights issues in the late 1940’s, making it a point to interview African-Americans to get their perspective on the issue.
    She was married to cartoon voice actor Bill Thompson, of Droopy Dog fame.
    She only accepted advertising from companies whose products she actually used, refusing tobacco, cigarette or alcohol sponsors.

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