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WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment

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The Resume

    (January 25, 1963- )
    Headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut
    Originally World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF), then World Wrestling Federation (WWF)
    Currently World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
    Founded by Jesse McMahon
    Billion Dollar Business
    CEO is Vincent McMahon, Jr.
    Executives include Linda McMahon, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon
    Programs include 'Raw (is War),' 'Smackdown,' 'Heat' and 'WWE Confidential'
    Hosts monthly pay-per-views featuring the annual Wrestlemania
    Largest wrestling federation

Why WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment might be annoying

    For many years they had exclusive rights to the New York metro area.
    They monopolized Pro Wrestling by buying up the competition.
    Wrestling matches are staged and rehearsed.
    For years, they denied wrestling is fake by avoiding the question, using ploys like 'would you want to wrestle this guy?' or 'if it was fake, how did this wrestler get this injury?'
    Owen Hart was killed performing a stunt on the 1999 pay-per-view 'Over the Edge' and the show continued with little mention of the accident.
    The World wildlife Foundation (WWF) won a lawsuit that force them to change their name from World Wrestling Federation to World Wrestling Entertainment.
    The wrestlers wear tights.
    They have been sued many times.
    They were caught supplying illegal steroids to wrestlers.

Why WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment might not be annoying

    They are a billion dollar company.
    They produce one of the most popular cable shows.
    Their graphics and camera angles are ground breaking and ultra high tech.
    Some of their female wrestlers have posed for Playboy.
    It's the largest wrestling federation.
    The CEO, Vince McMahon, is willing to publicly humiliate himself and is willing to put himself and his family at the same risk that he puts his wrestlers.
    Vince McMahon is willing to put business over pride and is willing to accept back wrestlers who have sued him or walk out on contracts.
    They sent their performers to wrestle and entertain the American soldiers stationed in Iraq (2003).

Credit: El Profe

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