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Tim Curry

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The Resume

    (April 19, 1946- )
    Famed for his appearance in 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'
    Starred in 'Annie,' 'Blue Money,' 'Clue,' 'Legend,' 'Stephen King's IT,' 'The Hunt For Red October,' 'Oscar,' 'Home Alone 2,' 'The Three Musketeers,' and 'Charlie's Angels'
    Has appeared on Broadway in 'Amadeus,' 'Pirates Of Penzance,' 'Me and My Girl,' 'My Favorite Year' and 'A Christmas Carol'
    Provided voices for 'Duckman' and 'The Wild Thornberrys'
    Appeared on the London stage in 'Hair (1968)' and 'Rocky Horror Show (1973)'
    Recorded three solo albums, 'Read My Lips (1978),' 'Fearless (1979)' and 'Simplicity (1981)'

Why he might be annoying:

    He's a chain smoker.
    He lied to get his first acting gig by saying he had an equity card and had done tours of 'Cabaret' when he did not.
    Instead of answering his friends' e-mails, he'll call them up and says 'I got your e-mail.'
    He refuses to discuss his sexuality in interviews.
    He accepts fan mail through his agent, but never answers any.
    He is typecast by filmmakers as a villain.
    He skipped class a lot.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was a soprano in the church choir at six.
    He performed Shakespeare at ten.
    He attended Birmingham University because it offered degrees in drama.
    He graduated with honors from Birmingham University in England (1968),
    He does not mind working in bad films saying: 'I was going to get myself a pin that read 'TIT' -- 'Terrific in Turkeys.'
    He does a flawless Billie Holliday impression.
    After September 11th, he hopped the first plane he could from L.A. to NYC days before he was supposed to begin rehearsing a Broadway play, to be part of a NYC tourism commercial.
    About September 11th, he said: 'You go on and do whatever it is you do, which in my case is to entertain. If your life is circumscribed by a bunch of murderers, then they have won.'
    A friend of his died on one of the September 11th planes.
    He's not an artistic snob - he willingly lends his voice and acting skills to audio books, cartoons, videogames, CDs, & commercials while still maintaining an active film, television, and stage career.
    He enjoys cooking & gardening.
    He explains why he refuses to discuss his sexuality: 'I don't talk about who I'm fucking or whether I'm in love. It's of paramount interest to me and very little interest to your readers. If it is of interest to them, then fuck 'em.' (March 1975).
    His father died when he was 12.

Credit: Tim Lover

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