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A.S. Byatt

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The Resume

    (August 24, 1936-November 16, 2023)
    Birth name is Antonia Susan Drabble
    Wrote ‘Shadow of a Sun (1964),' ‘The Game (1967),' ‘The Virgin in the Garden (1978),' ‘Still Life (1985),' ‘Possession: A Romance (1990),' ‘Angels & Insects (1992),' ‘Babel Tower (1996)' and ‘A Whistling Woman (2002)'
    Made a Dame of the British Empire (1999)

Why she might be annoying:

    She is a stuffy old snob.
    She bashes J.K. Rowling and the ‘Harry Potter' books.
    She said the ‘imaginative lives' of adults who like ‘Harry Potter' are ‘confined to . . . soaps, reality TV and celebrity gossip.'
    She includes long, boring poems in some of her books.
    Both ‘Possession' and ‘Angels & Insects' were made into dull films.
    She despises her half-sister, the novelist Margaret Drabble.
    She complains about other writers who get big advances from publishers.
    She says women's skirts in the 1960's were too short (bullshit).
    She looks like Dana Carvey as the Church Lady.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She won the Booker Prize for ‘Possession.'
    She had asthma as a child.
    Her son died in a car wreck.
    She is now more famous than her sister.
    When she attacked ‘Harry Potter,' the ‘Guardian' newspaper said: ‘She is being a party pooper - but then the party pooper is often right.'

Credit: Wieland Kalligaro

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