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Snoop Dogg

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The Resume

    (October 20, 1971- )
    Birth name is Calvin Broadus
    Recorded 'What's My Name,' 'Gin & Juice,' 'Snoop's Upside Ya Head,' 'Still a G Thang,' 'Lay Low,' 'Beautiful,' 'Drop It Like It's Hot,' 'Sexual Eruption (Sensual Seduction)' and 'Young, Wild & Free'
    Released a reggae album under the name Snoop Lion (2012)

Why he might be annoying:

    His mom gave him the nickname 'Snoop,' because of the way he looked.
    He smokes illegal substances.
    He was arrested for smoking dope blunts (November 2000).
    He was jailed for drug possession (1994).
    The British Parliament argued to kick him out of the U.K. (1994).
    He was arrested for involvement in a drive-by shooting (1993); he was later acquitted and settled the civil case out of court (1996).
    He signs autographs in stores to divert attention for his buddies to steal stuff.
    He split from Death Row records and did not honor his contract, then got sued for breach of contract.
    Until 1994, there were 44 allegations against his stable of pit bulls and rottweilers.
    He smokes an ounce of pot every day, including two blunts for breakfast.
    As a kid, he was bussed to white schools, where he made friends with the kids and stole their mother's jewelry.
    He created his own version of pig-latin, by putting izzle at the end of words.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He won the pimp of the year award many times.
    He pays a guy $1,000 a week to roll pot blunts.
    He is an acclaimed rapper and has a distinctive sound.

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