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Boston Corbett

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Military Personnel

The Resume

    Born in London, United Kingdom
    Birth name was Thomas P. Corbett
    Born in 1832
    Family emigrated to New York City in 1839
    Union Army soldier who shot and killed Abraham Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth (April 26, 1865)
    Escaped from a Topeka, Kansas insane asylum (May 26, 1888) and disappeared

Why he might be annoying:

    He wore his hair long to look like Jesus.
    He castrated himself with a pair of scissors so he wouldn't be tempted by hookers.
    He disobeyed orders to take Booth alive and shot him through the spine, stating 'God Almighty directed me.'
    At the Kansas House of Representatives he overheard the opening prayer being mocked and produced a pistol to silence the 'heretics.' (February 15, 1887)
    He spent the next 15 months in a mental institution before escaping.
    Rumor has it he migrated to Hinckley, Minnesota and died in the Great Fire (Sept. 1, 1894) but it has never been verified.

Why he might not be annoying:

    After working as a hatter in Boston he took the name as his own.
    It is speculated his weird mental attributes were caused by the mercury he used in his hatter profession.
    He re-enlisted in the Union Army three times, achieved the rank of sergeant in the Cavalry and at one point was held captive at the infamous Andersonville prison.
    Secretary of War Edwin Stanton dismissed charges of disobeying orders against him and he received a share of reward money ($1,653.84).
    His wife died during childbirth.
    Before being locked away he lived for nine years in a hole dug out from a hillside.
    A monument in his name was erected on a roadside just outside of Concordia, Kansas.

Credit: Scar Tactics

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