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Will Butler

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The Resume

    (October 6, 1982- )
    Born in Truckee, California
    Raised in The Woodlands, Texas
    Member of Arcade Fire (2003-21)
    Academy Award winner for Best Original Score (2014)
    Notable singles as a solo artist include 'What I Want' and 'Anna'

Why he might be annoying:

    He is a Mormon.
    He lives in the shadows of his older brother, Win.
    He enjoys writing poetry in his spare time.
    He sports long shaggy hair.
    He left Arcade Fire, feeling that he had nothing more to contribute to the group after performing with them for 18 years.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is a multi-instrumentalist, as he plays the synthesizers, bass, guitar, sitar, panpipes, trombone, omnichord, musical saw, double bass, concertina, clarinet and gadulka.
    He came up to Montreal to join his older brother in Arcade Fire.
    He helped co-write the original score for 'Her,' which earned him an Academy Award.
    He majored in poetry and Slavic studies at Northwestern University, prior to joining Arcade Fire.
    He wrote original song material for the Broadway play 'Stereophonic,' which was considered one of his first notable work outside of Arcade Fire.

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