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DeGrassi: The Next Generation

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TV Series

The Resume

    (October 14, 2001-August 2, 2015)
    Set in Toronto, Canada
    Airs on Noggin in the U.S.
    Airs on CTV in Canada
    Created by Yan Moore
    Stacey Farber as Ellie Nash
    Miriam McDonald as Emma Nelson
    Deanna Casaluce as Alex Nuñez
    Mike Lobel as Jay Hogart
    Andrea Lewis as Hazel Aden
    Synopsis: Teens deal with real life issues in Canada
    Spin-off of DeGrassi High

Why DeGrassi: The Next Generation might be annoying:

    Many of the storylines are over the top.
    Noggin edits many episodes to make them less controversial.
    An episode dealing with abortion was banned in the U.S.
    Many storylines have several plot holes.

Why DeGrassi: The Next Generation might not be annoying:

    Several actors from Degrassi Junior High reprised their roles for the new series.
    It tackle issues that most shows stray away from.
    Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes made a cameo.
    Unlike most teen soaps, most of the actors are actually the age they are portraying.

Credit: Idiot Paranoia

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