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Real McCoy

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The Resume

    Formed in Berlin, Germany (1989)
    Founded by Olaf 'O-Jay' Jeglitza
    Female vocalists include Patricia Petersen, Vanessa Mason and Karin Kasar
    Recorded 'Another Night,' 'Run Away,' 'Come And Get Your Love,' 'Love And Devotion' and 'It's On You'

Why they might be annoying:

    Several female vocalists came and went, and there was debate as to which vocalists sang which songs.
    They released a greatest hits album despite having just two bona fide international hits.
    They covered the Shania Twain song 'If You're Not In It For Love (I'm Outta Here).'
    Their song 'Another Night' features the husky 'I tawk, tawk I tawk to you' vocal.

Why they might not be annoying:

    Their song 'Another Night' was named as one of The Billboard Hot 100's biggest chart hits of all-time (2008).
    'Another Night' hit number one on Billboard's dance chart.
    Their biggest album went double platinum, selling more than two million copies.
    O-Jay cleared up the 'vocalist confusion,' and revealed that Karin Kasar was the lead vocalist on the 'Another Night' album.
    Prior to this admission, Kasar's vocals had gone uncredited for nearly a decade.

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