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    (January 1, 1985- )
    Video Hits 1
    Sister network of MTV

Why VH-1 might be annoying:

    Two words: 'Divas Live.'
    Their ratings have steadily declined over the past few years.
    They have not been successful with most of their programming, often canceling shows after a few weeks.
    This has resulted in showing constant reruns of their 'All Access' specials and MTV programs.
    They show lame Creed videos.
    For some reason, they host an annual fashion awards show.
    They excessively come up with useless lists of the 50/100/200 greatest something.
    Their Top 20 count down has videos that are from half a year ago.

Why VH-1 might not be annoying:

    They created some of the most innovative music programs ever, such as 'Behind the Music' and 'Pop-Up Video.'
    They show sexy Shania Twain videos.
    They have their own annual music awards show that could give MTV a run for its money.
    They probably show more music videos in a week than MTV does in a year.
    They often show full-length (though edited) movies.
    Their 'Save the Music' campaign has donated more than $21 million worth of musical instruments to public schools since 1997 in order to restore music education programs.
    They have a huge assortment of videos not just rap and pop.
    Blender called their spin off channel VH-1 Classic the best TV cable channel.

Credit: Night

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