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Osaka, Japan

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The Resume

    (circa 1000 BC- )
    Located about 350km west of Tokyo
    Inhabited from the Stone Age onwards
    Large tombs built (c. 450)
    Capital of early Japan until the 700s
    Osaka Castle built (1583)
    Futures market opened (1730)
    Port officially opened (1868)
    Went into decline in the late 1800s but was revived
    Produced 90% of the country's spun cotton during the 1890s
    Largest industrial center of Japan in the early 20th century
    Subway completed (1930s)
    Razed by American bombing during World War II
    Rebuilt extensively during the 1960s
    Hosted the World Exposition of 1970
    Hit by a recession in the 1970s
    Hosted the International Garden and Greenery Exposition (1990) with over 23 million visitors
    Hosted the 1995 APEC meetings (1995)
    Osaka International Convention Center completed (2000)
    Mayor is Junichi Seki (December 19, 2003- ) who won election by a landslide after the retirement of his predecessor
    Population is 2,619,586 as of 2003

Why Osaka, Japan might be annoying:

    It lost the 2008 Olympic Games to China.
    It is very crowded, with a population density of 11,810 people per square kilometer.
    It is also extremely expensive to live in.
    Its population and importance in Japan's economy never completely recovered after World War II.
    During the 1970s, it was one of the most polluted cities in Japan.
    Its residents have an unusual way of speaking Japanese.
    Much of the city is made up of unsightly concrete buildings.
    It is sometimes overshadowed by Kyoto historically and Tokyo commercially.

Why Osaka, Japan might not be annoying:

    There are many skyscrapers in Osaka's downtown area.
    The people celebrate Christmas with a huge tree and lights.
    It is one of Japan's most important ports and commercial centers.
    Osaka University and the Osaka Securities Exchange are located there.
    It has a lot of historical buildings.
    It is often regarded as more open then Japan's other cities.
    Its GNP is larger than Hong Kong's.
    There are about 50,000 more women than men in the city.
    It has some of the best environmental measures in the country.
    There are numerous gardens and parks in Osaka.

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