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Bewitched (TV)

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TV Series

The Resume

    (September 17, 1964-July 1, 1972)
    Originally aired on ABC
    Premise: A modern witch is married to an ordinary man and gets into all sorts of whacky mishaps
    Based on the movie 'I Married a Witch'
    Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stevens
    Dick York as Darrin Stephens #1 (1964-1969)
    Dick Sargent as Darrin Stephens #2 (1969-1972)
    Agnes Moorehead as Endora
    David White as Larry Tate
    Alice Pearce as Gladys Kravitz #1 (1964-1966)
    Sandra Gould as Gladys Kravitz #2 (1966-1972)
    George Tobias as Abner Kravitz
    Irene Vernon as Louise Tate #1 (1964-1968)
    Kasey Rogers as Louise Tate #2 (1966-1971)
    Marion Lorne as Aunt Clara (1964-1968)
    Paul Lynde as Uncle Arthur (1965-1971)
    Erin and Diane Murphy as Tabitha Stephens

Why Bewitched (TV) might be annoying:

    It was infamous for repeating plots from earlier episodes later in the series.
    It did not produce color episodes until 1966.
    The actors of the two Darren's, though similar in appearance, had entirely different acting styles.
    Paul Lynde appeared in an earlier episode as a nervous driving instructor before getting his regular role as the flamboyant Uncle Arthur.
    A huge amount of regulars were replaced as it slowly crawled towards cancellation.
    It embraced the hippie culture in many later episodes.
    The opening theme had lyrics that were never used.
    Elizabeth Montgomery was going to leave after her five-year contract was up, but kept going after the desperate network gave her part ownership of the show.
    Elizabeth Montgomery refused to do her nose wiggle for fans.
    Elizabeth Montgomery would moved her upper lip to make her nose wiggle.
    Almost every car on the show in the earlier episodes was a Chevrolet, as they were the shows original sponsors.
    It spun off 'Tabitha' starring Lisa Hartman

Why Bewitched (TV) might not be annoying:

    Elizabeth Montgomery was pregnant on two occasions and both were written into the show.
    The opening credits was made by Hanna-Barbera.
    Alice Pearce and Marion Lorne were both awarded Emmys posthumously for their work on the show.
    It was the longest-running fantasy sitcoms that dominated the 1960's.
    It was often compared to 'I Dream of Jeannie.'
    It survived four different time slots during its 8-year run.

Credit: Captain Howdy

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