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Betty Lynn

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The Resume

    (August 29, 1926-October 16, 2021)
    Born in Kansas City, Missouri
    Best known for portraying Thelma Lou in The Andy Griffith Show (1961-66)
    Also portrayed Betty Blake in ‘The Egg and I’ (1951-52), June Wallace in ‘Where’s Raymond’ (1953-54), and Viola Slaughter in ‘Texas John Slaughter’ (1960-62)
    Appeared in the films ‘Sitting Pretty’ (1948), ‘June Bride’ (1948), ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ (1950), ‘Payment on Demand’ (1951) and ‘Louisiana Hussy’ (1959)
    Appeared on Broadway in ‘Walk with Music’ (1940), ‘Oklahoma!’ (1943), and ‘Park Avenue’ (1946)

Why he might be annoying:

    When asked why she became an actress, she replied ‘I wanted everybody to like me.’
    A clause in her contract with 20th Century Fox gave the studio an option to terminate her contract at six-month intervals, causing recurring anxiety: ‘I was a redhead with freckles and didn’t have a bosom. I prayed so hard they’d keep picking me up.’
    Andy Griffith got her a role in his series Matlock as the title character’s secretary, but she was let go after six episodes when she complained about how few lines she had.

Why he might not be annoying:

    When she was an infant, her mother once sheltered with her in a closet as her father threatened the two of them.
    During World War II, she was part of a USO show touring the China-Burma-India theater.
    She financially supported her mother and her grandparents.
    After her West Hollywood home was twice broken into, she moved to Andy Griffith’s hometown of Mount Airy, North Carolina.
    Into her 90s, she would (weather permitting) make weekly appearances at the Andy Griffith Museum to greet fans.

Credit: C. Fishel

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