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The Resume

    (1993- )
    Formed in Bremerton, Washington
    Mike Herrera (vocalist/bassist)
    Yuri Ruley (drummer)
    Tom Wisniewski (guitarist)
    Released 'Life In General,' 'Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo,' 'At The Show,' 'Let It Happen,' 'Move To Bremerton,' 'Pokinacha,' 'On The Cover' and 'The Ever Passing Moment'
    Part of the Vans Warped Tour (1996- )
    Recorded 'Chick Magnet,' 'Responsibility,' 'GSF,' 'Teenage Politics' and 'Andrea'

Why they might be annoying:

    Despite having Christian values, they performed a song on a Pepsi commercial in which the used the word 'masturbation,' and later claimed it was 'masquerading.'
    Due to their Christianity the band is considered the good guys of the punk scene. Singer/bassist Mike Herrera claims they are the good guys of punk.
    Their originally name was 'Magnified Plaid.'
    They admit that they 'are not perfect and sometimes get pissed off.'
    Their album 'On The Cover' consists entirely of cover songs.
    The x's in their name stand for periods (with periods, they would be M.P.)

Why they might not be annoying:

    They don't curse at the audience.
    They are proud of their Christianity.
    They have played with punk greats such as Rancid, Bad Religion, Deftones and NoFx.
    They don't use drugs.
    They make funny video clips.
    They have influenced many young bands and many Christian musicians.
    Their songs usually have a positive message.
    Their songs are optimistic.

Credit: Fandango

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