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Pernell Roberts

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The Resume

    (May 18, 1925-January 24, 2010)
    Acted in ‘Desire Under The Elms,' ‘Ride Lonesome,' ‘Alien Lover' and ‘Hotel'
    Portrayed Adam Cartwright on ‘Bonanza' and Trapper John McIntyre on ‘Trapper John M.D.'

Why he might be annoying:

    He left ‘Bonanza' due to fighting with the writers as he felt the scripts were too sexist, racist and violent.
    He married and divorced three times.
    He flunked out of University three times.
    One interviewer described him as ‘moody, terse and uncommunicative' after he refused to grant him an interview.
    He claimed to not act for money but for the love of the craft.
    He couldn't understand what reason anyone would have to write fan mail. He refused to answer fan mail.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was a civil rights activist.
    He was an intensely private person and rarely reveals anything about his personal life.
    He collected race cars and motorcycles.
    Due to his feelings regarding the church and segregation while he was growing up, he became agnostic in protest.

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