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Clara Hughes

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The Resume

    (September 27, 1972- )
    Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Based in Sutton, Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada
    Flag-bearer for Canada at Vancouver Olympic Winter Games
    Road bicycle racer (bronze medalist at <10339>Atlanta<10339> Olympic Summer Games in road race and time trial)
    Long-track speed skater (bronze medalist at Salt Lake City Olympic Games in 5 km; gold medalist in 5 km and silver in team pursuit at Turin Olympic Games)
    Order of Canada officer (2007)
    Order of Manitoba member (2006)
    Canadian Sports Awards Spirit of Sport recipient
    2006 International Olympic Committee Sport and Community Award

Why she might be annoying:

    At just 13 years of age she had grown to 5 ft 9 in — which allowed her to pick up beer without need for a phony ID.
    She was a wild child, wearing layers upon layers of makeup, partying heavily, skipping school constantly, and even running away a few times (it also didn’t help that her parents separated early).
    She did not come by her love of sports through her parents.
    She loves bird watching.
    A nagging ankle ailment known as retra-calcanal bursitis threatened her bid to compete in the Sydney Olympics (not that it mattered, because she didn’t score any medals, anyway).

Why she might not be annoying:

    She is addicted to espresso (‘race day rocket fuel’).
    A particular scene from the Calgary Olympics – a Canadian who had won three speed-skating medals at the Sarajevo Games – inspired her to turn her life around.
    She became the first Canadian – and fourth overall – to achieve medals in both Summer and Winter games, and the first overall athlete to achieve more than one medal in each.
    She is fluent in French.
    She loves painting.
    Whereas many high-profile athletes are considered sellouts, she is active in humanitarian organizations for disadvantaged youth.

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