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Donald Brashear

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Hockey Player

The Resume

Why he might be annoying:

    He has accumulated over 2,600 penalty minutes in his NHL career.
    He was traded from the Canadiens to the Canucks after he got into a war of words with Canadiens coach Mario Tremblay.
    In a game between the Flyers and the Senators which set a record for most penalty minutes, he obtained the most penalty minutes as he helped instigate a massive fight.
    Despite receiving a six-game suspension for a late hit on Rangers center Blair Betts during a playoff series in which the Capitals won, he ended up signing with the Rangers the following season and was greeted with jeers from Rangers season ticket holders.
    He ended up being greeted with jeers from Rangers season ticket holders and would last less than a year with the Rangers before he was demoted to the Hartford Wolf Pack.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was the victim of Marty McSorley's infamous hit on February 21, 2000. He would suffer a concussion from the hit, but fully recovered.
    He developed mental problems from living with his father, an abusive alcoholic, for a few years, and from not being accepting of his mother.
    In 2003, he received the Pelle Lindbergh Memorial award for most improved Philadelphia Flyer.
    His great uncle, the first black Master Diver in the history of the United States Navy, was the subject of the film 'Men of Honor.'

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