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My Three Sons

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TV Series

The Resume

    (September 29, 1960-August 24, 1972)
    Aired on ABC (1960-65) and CBS (1965-72)
    Fred MacMurray as Steve Douglas
    Tim Considine as Mike Douglas (1960-65)
    Don Grady as Robbie Douglas (1960-71)
    Stanley Livingston as Chip Douglas
    Barry Livingston as Ernie Thompson Douglas
    William Frawley as Michael Francis 'Bub' O'Casey (1960-65)
    William Demarest as 'Uncle Charley' O'Casey (1965-72)
    Premise: A widower raising his three sons

Why My Three Sons might be annoying:

    So he would be free to follow other pursuits, MacMurray would film all his scenes for a season in two blocks of 30-35 days, with a ten week hiatus in between, when all scenes not featuring him were shot.
    To minimize continuity errors from the out-of-sequence filming, cast members were required to get haircuts once a week.
    The show jumped networks when ABC refused to pay the extra cost of filming in color.
    After Tim Considine left and Mike Douglas was written out of the show, the Douglases adopted an orphan, thus avoiding a name change for the series.
    Mike Douglas became a victim of 'Chuck Cunningham syndrome': after the adoption of Ernie, Mike would be mentioned once more in the 1965-66 season and one last time in the 1966-67 season.

Why My Three Sons might not be annoying:

    With 380 episodes, it is second only to 'The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet' as the longest-running live-action family sitcom.
    Episodes in the first season often took a realistic look at a family surviving maternal loss.
    It influenced decades of single-parent TV families, from Family Affair and 'The Courtship of Eddie's Father' to My Two Dads and Full House.
    Steve Douglas was #7 on TV Guide's list of the greatest TV dads.

Credit: C. Fishel

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