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The Resume

    (November 11, 1889- )
    42nd state to join
    Explored by Juan Perez (1774)
    Nickname: Evergreen State
    Capital: Olympia
    Size: 68,192 square miles (ranks 20th)
    Motto: Bye And Bye
    Bird: Willow Goldfinch
    Flower: Western Coast Rhododendron
    Tree: Western Hemlock
    Song: Washington, My Home
    Only state named after a president

Why Washington might be annoying:

    Microsoft is headquartered in Washington.
    It is the home of grunge rock.
    Mount St Helens and Mount Rainier erupted.
    Temperature ranges from -48ºF (-44ºC) (December 30, 1968) to 118ºF (48ºC) (August 5, 1961).
    The state of Washington became the first state to ban sex discrimination (July 1, 1971).
    Their Major League baseball team, the Seattle Pilots (1969), moved to Milwaukee and became the Brewers.
    One must go through Canada to get to Point Roberts.
    There was such a shortage of women in early Washington, that they needed to advertise to get women.

Why Washington might not be annoying:

    Bing Crosby, Bill Gates, Courtney Love, Allison Hayes and Duff McKagan were born in Washington.
    The only floating bridge is located in Lake Washington, Seattle.
    The Space Needle from Century 21 Exposition still stands (Opened April 21, 1962).
    Seattle has a running monorail.
    'Dan Cooper' jumped with $200,000 out of plane over Washington (November 25, 1971).
    Washington State banned sex discrimination (May 17, 1971).
    They have a Major League baseball team named the Seattle Mariners (1977- ).
    They have a NFL football team named the Seattle Seahawks (1976- ).
    They have a NBA basketball team named the Seattle SuperSonics (1967- ).
    Bobby Sherman has a hit with the song 'Seattle.'
    The TV series 'Frasier,' 'Here Come the Brides' and 'Year in the Life' were set in Washington.

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