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Gordie Howe

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Hockey Player

The Resume

    (March 31, 1928-June 10, 2016)
    Born in Floral, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Played 32 Seasons in NHL/WHA as Right Wing for Detroit Red Wings, Hartford Whalers and Houston Aeros (in WHA)
    Former all-time leader in points, goals and assists (since overtaken by Wayne Gretzky)
    Led NHL in points in 6 seasons
    Won NHL MVP 6 times
    Nicknamed 'Mr. Hockey'

Why he might be annoying:

    In his first NHL seasons, instead of scoring, he fought dirty.
    He flunked the 3rd grade twice.
    He was nicknamed 'Mr. Elbows' and 'Blinky.'
    He had his name and nickname trademarked.
    He sells lots of autographed stuff on his website.
    He calls his wife 'Mrs. Hockey.'

Why he might not be annoying:

    He made one of the greatest comebacks in sports history at 45, when he signed with the Houston Aeros of the WHA.
    He came back to play with his sons, Mark and Marty.
    His face was used on a Simpson's episode where Bart writes fake letters as Mrs. Krabapple's secret admirer.
    He has been married to the same woman since 1953.
    He is the only hockey player to play in 6 different decades.
    He is the member of at least 11 different halls of fame.
    He was ranked #21 on ESPN's Sportscentury's Greatest Athletes of the 20th Century.

Credit: Eric Hartman

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