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Mumford & Sons

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The Resume

    (2007- )
    Born in London, England, United Kingdom
    Marcus Mumford (lead vocalist/guitarist/drummer/mandolin player)
    Ben Lovett (vocalist/keyboardist/accordion player)
    'Country' Winston Marshall (vocalist/banjo player/dobro player)
    Ted Dwane (vocalist/string bassist)
    Recorded the album 'Sigh No More'
    Songs include 'Little Lion Man,' 'Winter Winds,' 'The Cave,' 'Roll Away Your Stone' and 'White Blank Page'

Why they might be annoying:

    That's a pretty weird name for a band.
    This is especially true considering none of the band members are actually sons of Marcus Mumford.
    Some of the members had jobs at auction houses prior to becoming full-time musicians.
    'Awake My Soul' was used in promos for the very short-lived tv series 'Lone Star.'
    Their songs have also been heard on 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'One Tree HIll.'

Why they might not be annoying:

    All of the members are proficient in various instruments and are known for switching them around during live shows.
    They have gained a reputation for their energetic live shows.
    Their lyrics draw from heavy literary influences.
    They got to collaborate with Ray Davies on an album of his.
    'Little Lion Man' topped the renowned Triple J Hottest 100 songs list in Australia (2009).

Credit: whiff boy

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