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Steven Anthony Lawrence

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The Resume

    (July 19, 1990- )
    Born in Fresno, California
    Portrayed Bernard 'Beans' Aranguren on 'Even Stevens'
    Other credits include 'The Amanda Show,' 'Bubble Boy,' 'Bratz,' and 'ER'

Why he might be annoying:

    He looks like a cheap cross between David Spade and 'Mac' commercial guy Justin Long.
    He has appeared in over fifty commercials.
    He has appeared on several Disney Channel Original Series.
    He is often typecast as either nerdy or bratty kids.
    He owns a terrier named Penelope, yet he calls her 'Penny.'

Why he might not be annoying:

    He has worked with other actors such as Will Ferrell and Steve Martin.
    He is the only child star to have a fan club at Yale University.
    He placed first in a science school fair.
    He has toured with the USO.
    He excelled in art, english and sign language.

Credit: Birdienest81

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Year In Review:

    In 2021, Out of 6 Votes: 83.33% Annoying
    In 2020, Out of 2 Votes: 50.0% Annoying
    In 2019, Out of 2 Votes: 50.0% Annoying
    In 2018, Out of 6 Votes: 50.0% Annoying
    In 2017, Out of 3 Votes: 66.67% Annoying
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    In 2013, Out of 18 Votes: 61.11% Annoying
    In 2012, Out of 19 Votes: 68.42% Annoying
    In 2011, Out of 22 Votes: 77.27% Annoying
    In 2010, Out of 56 Votes: 67.86% Annoying
    In 2009, Out of 9 Votes: 33.33% Annoying