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Tomi Lahren

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The Resume

    (August 11, 1992- )
    Born in Rapid City, South Dakota
    Conservative TV pundit and web-based video host
    Hosted 'On Point with Tomi Lahren' for One America News Network (2014-15)
    Rant in the aftermath of a fatal shooting of four U.S. Marines and one active-duty Navy reservist in Chattanooga attained 2 million YouTube views (July 22, 2015)
    Began her new show, 'Tomi,' with TheBlaze (November 2015)
    Provoked outrage on social media after directly criticizing Beyoncé's performance at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, specifically the paid homage to The Black Panthers group, during a 'Final Word' segment (February, 2016)
    Heated exchange with black radio host Charlamagne Tha God, over his giving her 'Donkey of the Day' after her 'Black Panther' comments, subsequently went viral on YouTube (March, 2016)

Why she might be annoying:

    She buys into paranormal 'aura science' frauds like Pam Oslie.
    She is usually grouped into the Fox News stable of voluptuous blonde pundits, when she isn't one.
    She has more than once proved to be 'in over her head' while conducting interviews.
    She attained viral celebrity for ranting about the Obama administration's 'half-way, half-baked, tip-toe, be friendly to jihadis mentality' 'failed strategy' during a Final Word segment.
    She actively pimped Marco Rubio's doomed Presidential bid from her 'Blaze' program (insisting that his poor primary showings weren't relative to his ability to win the General at all...)
    She drew criticism in a 2015 CPAC speech when she equated the stereotype of Republicans as 'old, rich, white males' to the Democratic leadership, saying: 'Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden. Old, rich, white, and if the pantsuit fits ... male too?' (March 17, 2015).
    She left her OAN show with no real explanation from either herself or production, resulting in Former Gov. Sarah Palin being called in as a last minute replacement for the following week (although the change had clearly been anticipated enough for the opening shot to be changed to 'On Point with Sarah Palin,' although Palin wasn't interested in committing for the long-term).
    She made the grave mistake of going after Beyoncé Knowles for paying homage to the Black Panther Party during her Super Bowl 50 performance. Among her less diplomatic remarks that angered the black community was her referencing 'the overthrow of white domination' and a seemingly out of nowhere reference to Beyoncé's husband having once been 'a drug dealer.'
    As criticism on Twitter and other social media platforms steadily mounted, she became exceedingly combative; choosing to have very public Skype debates with TMZ's Harvey Levin and The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne Tha God, defending her comments to both; only worsening her situation by comparing the Panthers to the KKK and claiming that her critics saw racism as a 'one way street.'
    The latter drew comparatively more attention, however, because Charlamagne made a show of dragging her on her own turf, besting her at almost every turn, much to a frenzied BeyHive's delight.
    A sample of how the overall argument went could be summed up in the opening exchange between the two: 'Why was I your Donkey of the Day?' 'Well, Donkey of the Day is designed to give people the credit they deserve for being stupid...' (this carried on in the same manner for some fifteen minutes).
    When she praised Donald Trump's first Presidential debate performance, Trump tweeted to her 'Glad to hear u liked my performance. It’s good to see there are some smart blonde tv pundits. Just don’t ever move to Fox News' (a not-so-veiled jab at Megyn Kelly).
    She's not exactly a fan of the 'Never Trump' movement, at one point having tweeted 'Some of these #NeverTrump folks remind me of Kanye interrupting TSwift at the VMAs. Ima let you finish but... #GoodLord #calmdown' (May 4, 2016).

Why she might not be annoying:

    She comes from a military family.
    Her grandfather was a WWII paratrooper and her uncle is a Vietnam Purple Heart recipient.
    She interned for Congresswoman Kristi Noem at her Rapid City office.
    She started out producing a local television political roundtable show.
    She may have single-handedly put One America News on the map.
    She was offered the opportunity to host her own show after her OAN interview.
    She dealt with a lecherous Michael Savage, who drooled over her during a radio interview.
    Her boyfriend is a Navy SEAL whom she met at Base Coronado in San Diego, and who inspired her famous Chattanooga 'Final Word' segment (at the time, he was on a mission which severely limited their being able to maintain regular contact).
    Media outlets cherry-picked the 'friendly to Jihadis' portion of her rant, but in the full context, she made some valid points that would be fairly hard to disagree with.
    She was woefully unprepared for the level of vitriol she would receive for the Beyonce/Charlamagne episodes, which included death threats, calls to violence, and racial cyberbullying (the gyst of her argument was that the Super Bowl should be a time to ‘come together’).
    The Charlamagne debate ended up getting selectively edited on a TYT segment, which cast her in an even more negative light, leaving out some of her stronger moments and effectively casting her as a bimbo.
    Despite being widely praised on blogs for ‘schooling the dumb white girl,’ Charlamagne would never speak ill of her after the segment, and called the discussion ‘healthy’ (actually, the two came out looking like they had more respect for one another afterward).

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