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Marian Gaborik

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Hockey Player

The Resume

    (February 14, 1982- )
    Forward for the Minnesota Wild (2000-09), New York Rangers (2009-13), Columbus Blue Jackets (2013-14) and the Los Angeles Kings
    Drafted 3rd overall by the Wild in the 2000 NHL Entry Draft
    NHL All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (2012)

Why he might be annoying:

    He was drafted by the Wild only cause Dany Heatley went second overall to Atlanta.
    He is injury-prone.
    He receives a lot of criticism for being inconsistent.
    He threatened to leave the team as a free agent if they didn't show a commitment to winning.
    He led the Wild in scoring with 36 points (2000-01).
    He switched his number from #10 to #82 and back to #10 after a couple games.
    Despite being the franchise player for the Wild, he was allowed to leave the team as an unrestricted free agent when the Wild failed to give him a big money contract.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He scored the first goal in Minnesota Wild franchise history.
    He recorded the first hat-trick in Wild history.
    He became the first player from the Wild to make the NHL All-Star team roster (2003).
    He trained himself how to speak English by watching movies.
    He is one of few players to record a hat-trick against one team in all six divisions.
    He won the fastest skater at the All-Star skills competition (2003).
    He is considered an offensive player on a defensive-minded team.
    He was the first Rangers player since Wayne Gretzky to earn the All-Star Game MVP honors (2012).

Credit: Ricky

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