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Animal Actors

Animal Experts

Animal Planet's 50 Greatest TV Animals

Animal Planet's 'Pet Star' Judges


Celebrity Pets

Coyotes Killed My Pet



Dolphins and Whales




Horse Owners

Horses, Donkeys and Mules

I Fell Off My Horse

I Got a Cockatoo

I Got a Ferret

I Got a Hamster

I Got a Monkey

I Got a Parrot

I Got a Pet Cat or Twenty

I Got a Potbellied Pig

I Opposed the Canadian Baby Seal Hunt

I Overly Pamper my Pet

I Posed Nude for a PeTA Ad (Other than Fur)

I Rescued a Human

I was Injured by Animals

In Touch's Hollywood Pet Award Winners [Owners-2005]

In Touch's Owners of the 10 Most Famous Dogs in Hollywood [December 3, 2007]


Killer Animals

Lions, Tigers and Bears ... Oh My!

Listverse's Top 10 Animal Actors


Menagerie of Animals

Our State Bird is the Cardinal

Our State Bird is the Lark

Patsy Award Winners

PeTA Loud Mouths

PeTA's I'd Rather go Naked than Wear Fur

Presidential Pets


Reptiles and Amphibians

Rodents and Rabbits

Sheep, Cows and Pigs

There is Something about Crocodiles

There is Something about Tigers

Top 10 U.S. Cities Vulnerable to Rat Attacks [2007]

Top 10 Worst States for Auto-Deer Collisions [2004-05]

UK Metro's Top 10 Celebs Who Stripped Naked for Animals - PeTA [June 19, 2009]

When Bad Things Happen to Good Animals


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