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Denis Leary

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The Resume

    (August 18, 1957- )
    Wrote and starred in the one-man show 'No Cure for Cancer'
    Recorded 'Lock 'N Load'
    Appeared in 'Bad Boy (2002),' 'Ice Age (2002),' 'Lakeboat (2001),' 'The Thomas Crown Affair (1999),' 'A Bug's Life (1998),' 'Small Soldiers (1998),' 'Wag the Dog (1997),' 'Suicide Kings (1997),' 'Two if by Sea (1996),' 'Operation Dumbo Drop (1995),' 'The Ref (1994),' 'Demolition Man (1993),' 'Judgement Night (1993),' 'The Sandlot (1993)' and 'National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 (1993)'
    Played 'Mike McNeil' on 'The Job'
    Was the executive producer, co-creator and co-writer of 'The Job'
    Plays the voice of 'Joe Smith' on 'Crank Yankers'
    Host and executive producer of Comedy Central's 'Contest Searchlight'
    Made regular appearances on MTV's 'Remote Control'
    Cousin of Conan O'Brien

Why he might be annoying:

    He is a proud smoker.
    He spells Dennis with one N.
    He has a macho persona in his stand up routines, cursing a lot and talking fast.
    He's been considered to be a Bill Hicks ripoff.
    His critically acclaimed show, 'The Job,' only lasted nineteen episodes.
    He didn't make his high school hockey team due to low grades. This ruined his dream of becoming an NHL star.
    MTV played a huge role in building his fanbase.
    He appeared in commercials for several companies.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was good friends with late director Ted Demme, who directed several of his projects.
    He is also good friends with Jon Stewart.
    He's been married to the same woman, Ann Lembeck, for over twenty years.
    He is both an American and an Irish citizen.
    He wrote articles for Playboy and New York Magazine.
    He is a die-hard fan of all Boston sports teams.
    He started a firefigher charity after six firefighters, which included his cousin Jeremiah Lucey, were killed in a warehouse fire in his hometown of Worchester.
    He added a second fund for New York City fire fighters after September 11th.

Credit: Whiff Boy

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