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Candace Owens

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The Resume

    (April 29, 1989- )
    Born in Stamford, Connecticut
    Conservative commentator, activist
    Director of Communications for Turning Point USA
    Formerly known by the screen name Red Black Pill
    Known for criticizing the Democratic Party for its treatment of the black community
    Became the center of public controversy after being made the subject of a Kanye West tweet ('I love the way Candace Owens thinks'; Apr. 21, 2018)

Why she might be annoying:

    She is visibly reliant on talking points during her appearances.
    She left her finance job to start a left-leaning anti-Trump blog.
    Within two years of starting the blog, she claimed to have her 'Red Pill' moment, sharply reversing to right-wing content.
    She has been extremely critical of Black Lives Matter, famously referring to them 'as overly privileged Americans' in response to their heckling her at a Turning Point USA event.
    She was strongly criticized for claiming that the Me Too movement was predicated on the idea that 'women are stupid, weak & inconsequential.'
    She held a strong influence over Kanye West until she attached his name to a clothing line encouraging black voters to leave the Democrat Party - Blexit - causing him to publicly distance himself both from her and politics in general (shouldn't it be Blaxit, anyway?)
    She got into a heated Twitter war with Tomi Lahren shortly after the announcement - one in which she referred to Lahren as 'a vile human being.'

Why she might not be annoying:

    She is a sharp debater who speaks her mind.
    She was a victim of racial harassment during her senior year of high school.
    She became a conservative rock star overnight simply by being complimented in one of Kanye West's tweets.
    She drew praise even from President Trump himself - who called her '[part of] an ever expanding group of very smart thinkers.'
    She was on the receiving end of sexist attacks from Tom Arnold and Shaun King after being named in the West tweet.
    She pushed back against claims that she had hailed Donald Trump as 'the savior' (she technically but in a geopolitical context - not a religious one).
    Safe to say that anyone who can piss off Tomi Lahren can't be that bad.
    She was the chief organizer behind the Young Black Leadership Summit held at the White House - probably the largest gathering of young black conservatives assembled at any given time (Oct. 2018).

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