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The Resume

    (1990- )
    Formed in Los Angeles, California
    Maynard James Keenan (Lead Vocalist, April 17, 1964- )
    Adam Jones (Guitarist, January 15, 1965- )
    Justin Chancellor (Bassist, November 19, 1971- )
    Danny Carey (Drummer, May 10, 1961- )
    Paul D'Amour (Former Bassist, May 12, 1967- )
    Songs include: 'Sober,' 'Prison Sex,' 'H,' 'Eulogy,' 'Pushit,' 'Aenima,' 'Stinkfist,' 'Forty-six & 2,' 'Schism' and 'Lateralus'

Why they might be annoying:

    They are known to keep a low public profile.
    Several band members have taken drugs.
    Maynard has a large tattoo down his spine.
    When the video for 'Stinkfist' was released, MTV changed its title to 'Track #1.'
    Their record label, Volcano Records, filed a lawsuit claiming the band had violated their contract by seeking/entertaining offers from other labels.
    The deadlock lasted over a year, where the band would not record any new material, and eventually both parties agreed to terms, rather than go to court.
    They walked away from a contribution to the Led Zeppelin tribute album Encomium after the compilers of the album haggled with them over the length of their projected seven-minute version of Zepplin's 'No Quarter.'
    They eventually released 'No Quarter' as an audio track on their 2000 live CD/DVD boxset 'Salival.'
    Paul quit the band in 1995 due to 'creative differences,' even though he is still on good terms with the rest of the band.
    Maynard is known to be disrespectful to fans.
    Maynard is often accused of being gay.
    On a handshake deal they promised Howard Stern their version of 'No Quarter,' for his 'Private Parts' soundtrack, they reneged with a week to go forcing Howard to scramble to fill the eleven minute gap.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They are considered to be one of the most innovative modern rock groups.
    They have a large and dedicated fan base.
    Their influences include Led Zeppelin and King Crimson.
    They let King Crimson open for them on one of their tours.
    They are fans of the legendary, controversial comedian Bill Hicks.
    They put on amazing live performances.
    Adam is an accomplished visual aids student, who has worked on special effects for such movies as Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, and Predator 2.
    Thanks to those visual aids skills, Adam has directed several stand out music videos for the band.
    Maynard appeared onstage with Tori Amos, as she played a benefit show for her charity organization, RAINN, and they performed 'Muhammad My Friend (1997).'

Credit: Whiff Boy

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