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Tove Lo

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The Resume

    (October 29, 1987- )
    Born in Stockholm, Sweden
    Singles include ‘Love Ballad,’ ‘Habits (Stay High),’ and ‘Out of Mind’
    CDs include ‘Truth Serum (extended play)’ and ‘Queen of the Clouds’
    Twitter account: @iamtovelo

Why she might be annoying:

    There is confusion online as to whether her birth name is Tove Ebba or Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson.
    You should see that tattoo on her left upper arm!
    She drew predictable comparisons to the nine-years-younger Lorde.
    While ‘Habits’ nearly topped the Billboard Hot 100 and scored as high as second on a number of other worldwide charts, it didn’t make the top ten on the Swedish Singles Chart.
    ‘I think everyone everywhere should decide to start everything at noon.’ (Wrong line of work, baby.)
    She has written for Girls Aloud and Victoria Justice.
    ‘I was always drawn to the self-destructive kind of way, I thought there was something beautiful about it, I don’t know why.’
    She wants to be as big as Katy Perry.

Why she might not be annoying:

    On her Facebook page, she describes her genre as ‘Dirrrrty POP!’
    From a distance, she resembles a cross between Katie Holmes and Lana del Rey.
    ‘I find it really cool when people have this artist persona they can put on They can go out and act like this other person; I can’t pull that off I can’t censor myself.’
    She has written for Cher Lloyd and Lea Michele.
    While she swears she’s no addict, her work is strewn with drug metaphors (as if ‘Not on Drugs’ weren’t a tipoff).
    If she hadn’t gone ‘out partying, being really stupid’ – which she attributed to a highly turbulent break-up – she might not have dented the North American market, let alone cracked the Billboard Hot 100.
    Unlike Lorde, she is not – openly – with the Swifty clique.

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