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TV Series

The Resume

    (October 9, 2008-December 18, 2008)
    Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Created and produced by Kenny Hotz
    Premise: Two dimwitted friends become test subjects for a medical company
    Originally aired on Showcase in Canada and the FX Network in the United States
    Principal Cast:
    Jeff Kassel as Ron
    Steve Markle as Pete
    Joe Pingue as Nugget
    Kim Schraner as Kate
    Kenny Hotz as Larry
    Shauna MacDonald as the receptionist at Testico

Why Testees might be annoying:

    The show's name is slang for testicles.
    It was canceled after two months.
    Since it was created by Kenny Hotz, some fans felt it was trying to compete against 'Kenny vs. Spenny'.
    Many of the plots and subplots saw the characters get involved in potentially dangerous and near-fatal situations.
    It often centered around toilet humor and gross-out gags.

Why Testees might not be annoying:

    It was one of Kenny Hotz's more well-known works outside of 'Kenny vs. Spenny.'
    It developed a cult following in Europe, following the original run.
    While most of the plots saw the characters in dangerous situations, it exposed the vulnerability of people who volunteer themselves to be guinea pigs for pharmaceutical companies.

Credit: Ricky

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