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Zurich, Switzerland

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The Resume

    (15 BC- )
    Founded by the Romans as Turicum
    Largest city in Switzerland
    Population (city): 415,215 (2018)
    Population (metropolitan area): 1.83 million

Why Zurich, Switzerland might be annoying:

    It expelled its Jewish population (1423); Jews would not be allowed to settle in the city until 1850.
    It fought a six-year war against the other members of the Swiss Confederation (1440-46).
    After the Protestant Reformation, it would be involved in several wars against Switzerland's Catholic cantons.
    It was accidentally bombed by the Allies during World War II (March 4, 1945).
    It regularly ranks as one of the world's most expensive cities to live in.

Why Zurich, Switzerland might not be annoying:

    It is one of the world's leading financial centers.
    It is the wealthiest city in Europe based on GDP per capita.
    Its railway station is Europe's busiest, based on the number of trains entering and leaving the station (2,915 daily).
    Its annual Street Parade is one of the largest techno/dance music festivals in the world, regularly attracting over one million participants.
    it is on a lakefront for swimming in the summer and near mountains for skiing in the winter.

Credit: C. Fishel

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