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Cesar Chavez

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The Resume

    (March 31, 1927-April 23, 1993)
    Born near Yuma, Arizona
    Founded the National Farm Workers Association (1962), which later became United Farm Workers (UFW)

Why he might be annoying

    He attended over 30 different schools during his childhood and never graduated from high school.
    He encouraged Americans to boycott table grapes to help his own cause.
    The UFW was slapped with a multi-million dollar lawsuit by a grape company for lost profits due to his boycotts.
    He feuded with the Teamsters for nearly a decade over rights to organize field workers.
    He said: 'God writes in exceedingly crooked lines.'
    State efforts to declare a holiday in his honor create heated debates among voters.

Why he might not be annoying

    His goal was to achieve better wages and working conditions for migrant workers.
    He encouraged non-violent methods of protest such as marches, pickets, boycotts and fasting.
    His protest efforts often led to bargained deals which did improve worker's rights.
    At the time of his death, he was leading another boycott against grape companies for using harmful pesticides.
    He was active in registering Hispanic voters in California.
    He served in the navy during World War II.
    He said: 'To be a man is to suffer for others.'
    When California declared 'Cesar Chavez Day' as a holiday, he became the first Mexican-American to receive that honor (2000).
    He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Freedom by Bill Clinton (1994).

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