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Axl Rose

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The Resume

    (February 6, 1962- )
    Birth name is William Bruce Rose
    Frontman for Guns N' Roses
    Recorded the hits 'November Rain,' 'Yesterday,' 'Welcome to the Jungle,' and 'Sweet Child O' Mine'
    Recorded 'You Could Be Mine' for the 'Terminator 2' soundtrack

Why he might be annoying:

    His body is covered with tattoos.
    He also uses the name W. Axl Rose, because the initials spell W.A.R.
    He suffers from manic depression.
    He allegedly punched David Bowie for flirting with his girlfriend, Erin Everly.
    He complained about the security at his concert venue in St Louis. When he walked off stage in mid-concert, a riot broke out and 60 fans were injured (1991).
    He was arrested for starting the riot at the St. Louis concert (July 17, 1992).
    He is known for showing up for his own concerts many hours late.
    Cory Glover, the lead singer of the black rock group 'In Living Color,' labeled Axl a racist, to which he responded: '...If you got a problem and you think I'm a racist, shove your head up your fuckin' ass!'
    During the MTV Music Awards, he got into an altercation with Kurt Cobain (1992).
    He sang a Charles Manson song as a hidden track on his CD.
    He exchanged fighting words with the group Metallica, after their collaborative tour fell apart.
    He has been arrested at least 20 times in Indiana and pleaded guilty 5 times for public consumption.
    He was thrown in jail about 10 times for punching security guards/fans/parking lot attendants.
    His ex-girlfriend charged him with rape.
    He settled a domestic violence suit brought by supermodel Stephanie Seymour for $400,000.
    His band mates keep leaving, saying it is impossible to work with him.
    He has a tattoo of a feather and tattoos of the words 'Rocker,' 'Victory or Death,' and 'Axl Rose.'
    He was jailed for biting a security guard in Sweden (June 26, 2006).

Why he might not be annoying:

    As a youngster, he was an avid bible student and taught Sunday school.
    'Axl Rose' is an anagram of 'Oral Sex.'

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