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Bonnie Raitt

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The Resume

    (November 8, 1949- )
    Composed and/or performed 'Nick of Time,' 'I'm in the Mood,' 'Give it Up,' 'Takin' My Time,' 'Streetlights,' 'Home Plate,' 'Sweet Forgiveness,' 'Green Light,' 'Luck of the Draw,' 'Longing in the Heart,' 'Nine Lives,' 'Road Tested' and 'Fundamental'
    Her father is John Raitt
    Appeared as herself in 'Urban Cowboy,' 'No Nukes' and 'Beatles Revolution'
    Won nine Grammys (four in 1990)

Why she might be annoying:

    She suffers from depression.
    She is an environmentalist.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She is active in getting a higher royalty percentage for artists who recorded before the early '70s and were ripped off by their producers.
    She attempts to modify her singing style.
    She has been quite successful performing with many different famous vocalists.
    She has actively fought for Native American rights.
    She had vocally criticized apartheid in South Africa.
    She toured for over thirty years and will produce her 16th album in 2002.
    She does many benefit concerts.
    She is against nuclear power.

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