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See how your favorite celebrities stack up in these specially created Annoying Collections.

(Exclusive Collections including those of Celebrities; Interesting pictures)

(Shapes, Sizes, Styles, Looks and the Bizarre.)

(From Philosophy to Religion to the Occult.)

(Big Business, Products and their Advertisements.)

(Comedians, Broadway, VH1, Rankings, Roles and of course the incredible Howard Stern.)

(Their Shows, Awards and all things MTV.)

(Stars of the Silver Screen and the Awards they give themselves.)

(Collaborations, Popularity, Venues, Feuds, Songs and of course Money, lots of Money.)

(TV Series, Cartoons, Sit-Coms, Drama, Emmys, Games, Talk, Reality and no Remote Control.)

(Were you Adopted? Did you have a Twin, a Pet, Commit Adultery or have a great Relationship?)

(Designers and hot Super Models. Celebrities that made the Best, Worst or Least Dressed lists.)

(Smokers, Mental Problems, Sickness, The Dead; Weepers, Cancer and those that Wet their Bed)

(Past, Present and the Future. Birthdays! Heroes, Heroines, Educated, Rulers and Villains)

(Crime and Punishment)

(Fun with Initials, Sexy names, names that are Toys and those Weird Hippie Names.)

(My Country is better than yours or is it? Explore, where celebrities live and international organizations)

(Football! Baseball! Hockey! Basketball! Cheerleaders, Mascots, Sportscasters, ESPYs and SI Swimsuit Models.)

(Wrestling is real . . . popular that is. Captains choose your Federations)

(Babes, Foxes, Beauties, Chicks, Stunners, Broads, Cuties, Lasses, Girlies, Playmates, oh and Hunks)

(Power! Power! Power! Cars, Jobs, Celebrities On the Rise and the Influential.)

Annoying Collections
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