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Antonio Villaraigosa

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The Resume

    (January 23, 1953- )
    Born in Boyle Heights, California
    Birth name was Antonio Ramon Villar
    California State Assemblyman (1994-2000)
    Mayor of Los Angeles (2005- )

Why he might be annoying

    He was expelled from Cathedral HIgh School after getting into a fight after a football game.
    He failed the bar exam four times.
    While his wife, Corina, was undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer, he left town with a friend's wife (1994).
    After Corina filed for divorce, he admitted to having an affair with a television reporter (July 3, 2007).
    David Hasselhoff was a guest at his mayoral inauguration.
    He was photographed sleeping during President Bush's State of the Union address (2007).
    He has a tattoo with the slogan 'Born to Raise Hell.'

Why he might not be annoying

    When he married Corina Raigosa, they fused their last names to create a new family name.
    He was the first Latino mayor of Los Angeles since 1872.
    His first act as mayor was to require all city employees to sign an ethics pledge.
    He initiated Operation Pothole, which more than doubled its original goal of filling 35,000 potholes in 14 days.
    He said, 'I don't believe the details of my personal life are relevant to my job as mayor.'

Credit: C. Fishel

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