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Baseball Fans: Milwaukee Brewers

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The Resume

    (1970- )
    Root for the Milwaukee Brewers
    Attend home games at Miller Park
    Capacity: 42,400

Why they might be annoying:

    Anti-drinking organizations repeatedly picket and demonstrate against their team because they claim it encourages drinking.
    They root for a team that has yet to win a World Series.
    When they got to see an All Star Game at their ball park in 2002, it got cancelled with the score tied because both teams ran out of pitchers.
    They have Commissioner Bud Selig in their pocket, since he used to own the team and now his daughter (officially) owns the team.
    They enjoy seeing people in stupid sausage costumes race around the bases during games, including Mandy Block.
    They root for a team that was originally known as the Seattle Pilots.
    A crane accident killed three workers while constructing their ball park.
    Those that don't mind sitting in obstructed seats in the top level behind home plate pay only $1. They are name Uecker seats honoring there sportscaster.
    Their mascot Bernie Brewer slides into foam when a Home Run is hit.
    They sit under a 12,000 ton retractable roof.
    They witnessed President George W Bush throw out the first ball at Miller Stadium.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They root for the only MLB team to switch leagues.
    They are greeted by a statue of Hank Aaron as they enter the stadium.
    Former Milwaukee Brave fans were rewarded with the Brewers.
    They got to watch Hank Aaron retire.
    They have the best tailgate parties in baseball.
    They get to enjoy fresh, locally manufactured sausages at their game.
    They enjoy Bob Uecker as their sportscaster.
    They are the only fans to have TGI Friday in their stadium.

Credit: Blossman and His Name is Robert

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