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The Resume

    (February 14, 1859- )
    33rd state to join
    Coast explored by Spanish navigators (1543)
    Captain James Cook sighted the Oregon coast at Yaquina Bay (March 7, 1778)
    Explored by Lewis and Clark (1804-1805)
    Oregon present boundaries defined in 1853
    Nickname: Beaver State
    Capital: Salem
    Size: 96,981 square miles (ranks 10th)
    Motto: The Union
    Bird: Meadowlark
    Flower: Oregon Grape
    Tree: Douglas Fir
    Song: Oregon, My Oregon

Why Oregon might be annoying:

    Oregon is the first state to tax gasoline (February 25, 1919).
    Temperature ranges from -54ºF (-48ºC) (February 10, 1933) to 119ºF (48ºC) (August 10, 1938).
    Japanese planes dropped incendiary bombs on continental US soil at Mount Emily during WW II (September 9, 1942).
    Salem Oregon passed a law making it unlawful to be within 2 feet of nude dancers (April 1, 1990).
    Oregon Senator Bob Packwood finally issued an apology for his sexual harassments (November 21, 1992).

Why Oregon might not be annoying:

    The Treaty of 1818 gave Great Britain and the US joint occupancy of 'Old Oregon.'
    Lewis & Clark found a skeleton of 105 foot blue whale in Oregon (January 8, 1806).
    John Jacob Astor organized the Pacific Fur Company in Astoria, Oregon (June 23, 1810).
    The 'Oregon Spectator' was the first newspaper to be published on the West Coast (February 5, 1846).
    Gold was discovered in the Rogue River (July 25, 1850).
    Oregon became the first state to make Labor Day a holiday (February 21, 1887) and the first state to make minimum wage the law (February 17, 1913).
    Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the U.S.
    Senator Eugene McCarthy won the Democrat primary in Oregon (May 28, 1968).
    Actresses Jane Powell, Sally Struther, Susan Ruttan, Julianne Phillips and Rebecca Schaeffer were born in Oregon.
    Runner Steve Prefontaine and decathlete Dan O'Brien were born in Oregon.
    The TV series 'Hello Larry' and 'Sons & Daughters' were set in Oregon.
    The University of Oregon beat Ohio State, 46-33, in the first NCAA Men's Basketball Champion (March 27, 1939).
    They have an NBA basketball team named the Portland Trail Blazers (1970- ).
    There is no sales tax.
    It is the first state to allow physician assisted suicide.

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