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National Hockey League (NHL)

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The Resume

    (November 22, 1917- )
    Formed in Montreal, Canada
    Teams play for the chance to win the Stanley Cup
    Stanley Cup was named after Governor-General of Canada, Lord Stanley of Preston (1893)
    The Hockey Hall of Fame was founded in 1945
    Hall of Fame comprised of 391 members (217 players, 91 executives/builders, 70 members of the media and 13 referees) as of 2004
    The first ever NHL All-Star Game occurred during the 1947-48 season
    Conn Smythe Trophy (used to award the best player during the playoffs) is founded during the 1964-65 season
    Currently comprised of 30 teams
    Strike settled but needs to one ratified by the Players' Association (July 13, 2005)

Why National Hockey League (NHL) might be annoying:

    They cancelled their entire 2004-05 season due to a labor dispute.
    The Stanley Cup was actually a $48.76 silver bowl that was bought by borrowed dollars. Arthur and Algy Stanley asked their father if he could buy it for them so they could award it to the champions of the Amateur Hockey Association, which was based out of Montreal.
    Many players have names that are hard to pronounce.
    The amount of people inducted into their Hall of Fame changes every year dramatically. For example, in 1959, 3 people were inducted, but 1962, 34 people were inducted.
    Like the NBA, NFL and MLB, they went expansion crazy during the 90's. They allowed for Miami, Anaheim, Atlanta, Columbus, Nashville and St. Paul to have hockey teams.
    Until 2005, games could end in a tie.
    They changed the All-Star game format from East vs. West to North America vs. the World.
    Because of its violent nature, marquee players like Eric Lindros can get hurt badly and never recover fully.
    It is slowly becoming more and more like other sports with 'blockbuster' trades and big-money free agent signings.
    In a lame attempt to get some media attention, they hosted an outdoor game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Edmonton Oilers in below freezing weather (2004).
    It is the least popular of the four major sports in the United States.
    For the third time in 18 years, it locked out its players when collective bargaining failed (September 16, 2012).

Why National Hockey League (NHL) might not be annoying:

    Fighting between players is allowed during games.
    Sportswriters and fans alike mostly agree that attending a regular season football, basketball and baseball game pails in comparison with attending a regular season hockey game.
    Although the NHL is based out of North America, Europeans follow the regular season and playoffs closely.
    The Stanley Cup is often considered the most prized of the league championships, mainly because everyone who has ever won it is immortalized with their name engraved into it.
    After negotiating for 16 hours, players signed a 10 year deal, ending an almost five-month long lockout. (January 6, 2013)

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