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Helle Thorning-Schmidt

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World Leader

The Resume

    (December 14, 1966- )
    Born in Rodovre, Denmark
    Member of the European Parliament for Denmark (1999-2004)
    Elected Leader of the Social Democrats (April 12, 2005)
    Elected Prime Minister of Denmark (October 3, 2011)

Why she might be annoying:

    Her first name...
    Her expensive fashion tastes have been criticized.
    The genesis of her political career came when she married into a powerful British political family through their son.
    Her husband has been accused of tax evasion.
    She and her husband live in separate residences in Denmark and Switzerland, with her husband coming to Denmark only on weekends, strengthening the belief that the two had entered into a marriage of political convenience.
    She was abandoned by her own party over her proposal to sell DONG energy shares to Goldman Sachs.
    Her infamous 'selfie' with President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron at the Nelson Mandela Memorial in South Africa, stirred international controversy via social media, arguably garnering more coverage than the event itself.
    She justified the photo's appropriateness at the Memorial by pointing out that she had her picture taken with Sarah Jessica Parker at the event earlier in the day.
    The controversy was enlarged by First Lady Michelle Obama seemingly turning away in disapproval in the photo (other photos show her appearing to 'throw shade at her,' and even switching seats to be between the two).

Why she might not be annoying:

    She is the first female Prime Minister of Denmark.
    She was the first woman to be elected Leader of the Social Democrats.
    She is fluent in Danish, English, Swedish, and French.
    She co-founded the Campaign for Parliament Reform (CPR).
    She was assailed with misogynistic slurs over the 'selfie' controversy ('Danish tart,' 'flirty Dane,' etc.)
    Pundits and bloggers tried to manufacture a 'political catfight' between her and Michelle Obama where there likely wasn't any.
    She earned high praise from the EU for her staunch advocacy of Denmark's adoption of the Euro as currency.
    She and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were airbrushed out of the #JeSuisCharlie Paris March photos by an Israeli newspaper (Jan. 2015).
    David Cameron basically threw her under the bus when he claimed that the selfie was her idea and that he was participating only 'to be polite' (a model in English chivalry).
    Denmark ranked highest on the World Happiness Report's 2013 list of Happiest Countries (so she must be doing something right...)

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