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Matti Vanhanen

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World Leader

The Resume

    (November 4, 1955- )
    Born in Jyväskylä, Finland
    Worked as editor (1985–1988) and editor-in-chief (1988–1991) for the newspaper ‘Kehäsanomat’
    Graduated from University of Helsinki with degree in political science (1989)
    Chairman of youth organization of Center Party (1991)
    Elected to Finnish Parliament (March 22, 1991)
    Minister of Defense (April 17-June 24, 2003)
    Prime Minister of Finland (June 24, 2003-June 22, 2010)

Why he might be annoying:

    He is described as boring and uncharismatic.
    He rarely smiles.
    He opposed the independence movements of the Baltic States of the 1980s.
    In a South Park episode, he threatened to expose the whereabouts of space cash to the aliens, which resulted in the world leaders destroying Finland with missiles.
    In a book he wrote titled ‘Se on ihan Matti’, he compared the Finnish tabloid press to the KGB and Stasi, the Soviet and East German secret police, respectively (2006).
    At an Asia-Europe Meeting summit in Helsinki, Jacques Chirac called him the ‘sexiest man in Finland’ (2006).
    Sometime after his divorce, he got into a relationship with Susan Kuronen, who later changed her last name into ‘Ruusunen’, that lasted less than a year (2006).
    That same ex-girlfriend later published a book telling the details of their love life together, which caused public uproar (February 2007).
    He later sued her for invading his privacy (March 2007).
    Afterwards, he got engaged to Sirkka Mertala (2009), only to break up with her (2010).
    One of his hobbies is chopping wood.

Why he might not be annoying:

    In that same episode, it was later revealed that exposing the whereabouts of the space cash could result in a better future for the world.
    His father was one of the co-authors of the book ‘IQ and the Walth of Nations’.
    He is left-handed.
    He is a teetotaler who hates the taste of alcohol.
    He supports environmental causes.
    He opposed the building of a fifth nuclear power plant (1992).
    He successfully lowered Finland’s unemployment rate and taxes.
    He praised China for being able to mobilize resources efficiently when dealing with national crises (2009).

Credit: Big Lenny

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