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Janet Gaynor

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The Resume

    (October 6, 1906-September 14, 1984)
    Birth name was Laura Gainor
    Won the 1927/28 Oscar for Best Actress ('Seventh Heaven,' 'Street Angel' and 'Sunrise')
    Acted in 'A Star is Born,' 'Bernadine,' 'The Young in Heart,' 'Sunny Side Up' and 'Happy Days'

Why she might be annoying:

    She won an Oscar for three different films (make up your mind!)
    At the first Academy ceremony, she was more excited over meeting Douglas Fairbanks than in winning the Oscar.
    She and her frequent costar Charles Farrell were known as 'America's Favorite Lovebirds.'
    She was divorced.
    She married a guy who only used one name.
    During a screening of 'Sunrise' at the Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles in 1997, the theater's owner Laurence Austin was murdered by a man posing as an armed robber, who was actually hired to kill Austin by his gay lover.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was a redhead.
    She started out as an extra.
    She made a successful transition from silent to sound films.
    Franklin Roosevelt described her as 'cute as a button.'
    During a scene in 'A Star is Born' where her character wins an Academy Award, she used her own Oscar.
    She was severely injured in a car crash with a drunk driver when she was 75.

Credit: Jon Mullich

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