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Geneva, Switzerland

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The Resume

    (58 BC- )
    Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, between the Jura Mountains and French Alps
    Second-largest city in Switzerland
    Population (city): 191,415 (2010)
    Population (metro area): 1,240,000
    Headquarters of the International Red Cross, the World Trade Organization, the World Economic Forum and CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)
    Headquarters for several United Nations agencies, including the High Commissioner for Refugees, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the World Health Organization, the International Labour Organization and the World Intelectual Property Organization

Why Geneva, Switzerland might be annoying:

    During the reformation, it was dubbed the 'Protestant Rome,' but now has twice as many Catholics as Protestants.
    It was annexed by France (1798-1815).
    It consistently ranks as one of the world's most expensive cities.
    Taxis are tough to find and drivers can refuse to pick up passengers with children.
    It does not have much of a nightlife, with the New York Times writing that the city 'tends to shut down early.'
    A tourist info site notes that 'a surprising number of businesses and restaurants do not accept credit cards.' (Which seems really odd in a city considered one of the world's financial centers.)

Why Geneva, Switzerland might not be annoying:

    The world wide web was developed in Geneva at CERN labs by Tim Berners-Lee.
    It was the third Swiss canton to give women the right to vote in local elections.
    It is located near several world-famous ski resorts.
    It has one of the shortest average commute times for any major world city.
    It has a very low crime rate. (1.99 violent crimes per 100,000 people in 2003).
    It had the third-highest quality of life for any world city in a survey by Mercer (2009).

Credit: C. Fishel

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