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Henry Rollins

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The Resume

    (February 13, 1961- )
    Birth Name is Henry Garfield
    Former frontman of Black Flag
    Currently performs with his own band called 'Rollins Band'
    Appeared in 'Heat (1995),' 'Lost Highway (1997),' 'Jack Frost (1998),' 'Morgan's Ferry (1999),' 'Desperate But Not Serious (1999),' 'Scenes of the Crime (2001)' and 'Psychic Murders (2002)'

Why he might be annoying:

    He has many tattoos covering his arms, chest, and neck. Most of the tattoos are Black Flag related, 'Search and Destroy' and some are of the Misfits skull.
    He started acting after making several commercials and MTV appearances.
    He is typecast as a cop or bodyguard whenever he appears in a movie.
    He looks like a seriously pumped up Rudolf Hess.
    His nickname is Hank.
    He tried his hand at stand-up comedy and laughed at his own jokes.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He started singing in the DC punk band 'State of Alert' before changing his name to Henry Rollins and becoming the frontman for 'Black Flag.'
    He said 'You can get away with a lot of shit if it looks like it's all you know how to do.'
    He dated Kari Wuhrer.
    He has written several articles for Details Magazine.
    He appeared on an anti-meth commercial.

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