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1980's New Wave/Synth Pop

20 Most Requested Pieces of Music on 'Desert Island Discs'

52 Most Depressing Songs You've Ever Heard

80's Rockers/Cock Rockers

90's Bar Bands

About.com's Top 10 Classical Works You Know, But You Don't

Arena Rockers

Asian Rappers

BBC Radio 4’s Saddest Classical Works [2004]


Billboard's 50 Greatest Latin Artists of All Time [2020]

Black Metal Groups

Blue Eyed Soul Artists

Bluegrass Musicians

Blues Musicians

Boy Bands

British Invasion [The 60's]

Britney Spears Wannabes

Bubble Gum Music


Christian Vocalists

Classical Top 100

CNN's Top 10 Geek Anthems of All Time

Country Rockers


Curse of the Ninth Symphony

Death Metal Groups

Disco Divas

Disco Dons

Doo-Wop Singers

Dr. Demento's Top 100 (Or So) Demented Hits [Through 2011]


Electroclash Artists

Electrohop Artists

Emo Bands

Eurodance Artists


Folk Singers

Funk Musicians

Garage Bands

Gibson.com Top 50 Metal Songs Of All Time [March 2011]

Girl Groups

Girls who Rap

Glam Rockers

Goth Musicians


Heartland Rockers

High Times' Top 25 Pot Songs of All Time [2002]

I am Bar Mitzvah Music

I Am the Madonna of My Country

I Performed at 'From Spirituals to Swing'

I Record Music That Sounds Kinda Gay

I Recorded a Concept Album

I Recorded My Song in Simlish

I Sang in a Collegiate A Cappella Group

I Sing Novelty/Parody Songs

I'm a White Rapper

Indie Rockers

Industrial Rockers

Jam Band Rockers

Jazz Artists

Jewish Composers of Christmas Songs

Jive Record Artists

Latin Freestyle Artists

Latin Music Stars

Listverse's Top 10 Jazz Artists Who Died Young

Lounge Lizards

Mellow Vocalists

Motown Turned Me Down

Motown Vocalists

Musicians You Should Fear

My Chemical Toilet's Worst 15 Christmas Songs

New Jack Swing Performers

New Rock Invasion [2002-03]

NPR’s 50 Best Albums [2023]

NPR's 50 Greatest Jazz Vocals [2013]

Nu Metal Groups

Onepoll's 20 Catchiest Songs of All Time [October 2008]

Oops, I Recorded a Disco Song

Opera Singers and Composers

Pop Punkers

PopCrunch's 19 Most Embarrassing Crossover Hip-Hop Attempts [April 2009]

Power Pop Artists

Power Trios

Progressive Artists

Progressive Metal Groups

Progressive Rock Groups

Psychedelic Rockers

Punk Rockers

Raspy Voices

Riot Grrrls

Rock Chicks

Rock Managers

Rockabilly Musicians

Shock Rockers

Shoegazing Artists

Singing Cowboys/gals

Ska Bands

Stax Artists

Stoner/Doom Metal Bands

Surf Music

Top 10 Classical Albums in the USA

Top 10 Operas Most Frequently Performed at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York

Top 10 Operas Most Frequently Performed at the Royal Opera House, London

Trip Hoppers

UK Telegraph's 50 Songs To Make You Dance [June 27, 2008]

Vocalists Who Sing Anti-War Songs

Weird Al's Polka

Yacht Rockers



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