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Los Angeles Clippers

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The Resume

    (1970- )
    Located in Los Angeles, California
    Formerly known as the Buffalo Braves (1970-78) and the San Diego Clippers (1978-84)
    No NBA championships
    No retired numbers
    Former and current players include Bob McAdoo and Elton Brand

Why they might be annoying:

    They are easily the most frugal franchise in the NBA.
    Team owner Donald Sterling even admitted that he cares more about profits than fielding a winning team.
    Since Sterling bought the team, they've only had ONE winning record.
    They have never won more than 50 games in a season.
    They seem to whore off the Lakers (they share the same arena, and the Clippers' logo is a rip-off of the Lakers').
    Their cheapness especially showed in the 1998 NBA draft, when they selected Michael Olowokandi as their #1 pick over the likes of Mike Bibby and Paul Pierce.
    They were the last NBA team with a Native American nickname.

Why they might not be annoying:

    Larry Brown surely saw some promise in this team, considering he quit the Spurs in the middle of the season to coach the Clippers.
    You can never accuse a Clippers fan of being a fair-weather fan (unlike some on the Lakers bandwagon).
    They were actually a decent team in the 1970's, as they made the playoffs five out of their first six years.
    They had periods in the mid-1990's and early 2000's where they had exciting young teams, until Sterling ruined them (as usual).
    There was a sign of change in the franchise when they re-signed Elton Brand in 2003.

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