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Randy Moss

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Football Player

The Resume

    (February 13, 1977- )
    NFL Receiver for Minnesota Vikings (1998-2005, 2010), Oakland Raiders (2005-2006), New England Patriots (2007-2010), Tennessee Titans (2010) and San Francisco 49ers

Why he might be annoying:

    He has been characterized as a lazy arrogant player, especially after telling reporters 'There's nobody here on the face of the Earth that can make me go out here and play football.'
    His scholarship to Notre Dame was revoked and he serve time in jail for beating up a fellow high school student.
    During his first year at Florida State, he was arrested and sentence to a year in jail for possession of pot (it was reduced to time served).
    His car pushed a traffic officer half a block after she refused to allow him to make an illegal turn (September 24, 2002).
    He spent the night in jail, charged with two misdemeanors and some marijuana was found in his car.
    He had a screaming match with quarterback Duante Culpepper (September 22, 2002).
    He was fined $25,000 for squirting a referee with a water bottle (1999).
    He was fined $15,000 and sent to anger management for abusing corporate sponsors who he felt should not be allowed in the front of the team bus (2001).
    Despite being one of the greatest college receivers, because of his character, he was not picked until 21st in the NFL draft.
    He was fined $10,000 for pantomining mooning the crowd after scoring a touchdown in Green Bay (January 9, 2005).
    He was waived by the Minnesota Vikings less than a month after being traded back to them by the New England Patriots (November 1, 2010).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He holds the record for mosts yards receiving in his first four seasons (5,395 yards).

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