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    (June 1, 1796- )
    16th state to join
    Eleventh of eleven states to secede and join the Confederacy
    Seceded: June 8, 1861
    Readmitted: July 24, 1866
    Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto visited (1541)
    William Bean built the first cabin (1768)
    Nickname: Volunteer State
    Capital: Nashville
    Size: 42,244 square miles (ranks 34th)
    Motto: Agriculture And Commerce
    Bird: Mockingbird
    Flower: Iris
    Tree: Tulip Poplar
    Song: Tennessee Waltz

Why Tennessee might be annoying:

    A baby was born with a seven inch tail in Knoxville (1928).
    They had an XFL football team named the Memphis Maniax.
    Playwright Tennessee Williams was born in Columbus Mississippi, go figure!
    Fort Loudon, Tennessee surrendered to Cherokee Native Americans (August 7, 1760).
    William Blount of Tennessee was the first US senator expelled by impeachment (July 8, 1797).
    Tennessee became the first state to prohibit alcohol (January 26, 1838).
    General US Grant issued order #11, expelling Jews from Tennessee (December 17, 1862).
    The KKK was founded in Pulaski by six former confederate soldiers (1869).
    Sixteen African-Americans were lynched in Tennessee (August 26, 1874).
    Temperatures range from -32ºF (-36ºC) (December 30, 1917) to 113ºF (45ºC) (August 9, 1930).
    101 were killed & 171 injured in the worst US train wreck (Nashville, July 9, 1918).
    Tennessee became the first state to outlaw teaching theory of evolution (March 23, 1925). John T Scopes was arrested for teaching evolution (May 5, 1925).
    Governor Ellington finally repealed 'Monkey Law,' upheld in the 1925 Scopes Trial (May 18, 1967).
    The University of Tennessee refused to play Duquesne University, because they may have used a African-American player (December 23, 1946).
    The US deployed tanks to end racist demonstrators in Clinton, Tennessee (September 3, 1956).
    The National Guard mobilized to quell a riot in Chattanooga Tenn (May 21, 1971).
    Friendsville Academy had a 138-game basketball losing streak (ended February 15, 1973).
    Tennessee beat Temple 11-6 in the lowest scoring NCAA basketball game (December 15, 1973).
    42 died in a fire that an inmate caused at Maury County Jail in Columbia (June 26, 1977).

Why Tennessee might not be annoying:

    It is the topic of one of the most famous pick up lines, 'Are you from Tennessee?' 'You are the only 10 I see!'
    David Farragut, Samuel Rayburn, John T Scopes, Minnie Pearl, Archie Campbell, Dinah Shore, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Chet Atkins, Oscar Robertson, Wilma Rudolph, Aretha Franklin, Sondra Locke, Park Overall, Trisha Yearwood and Lisa Marie Presley were born in Tennessee.
    The TV series 'Boone,' 'Filthy Rich,' 'Delta' and 'Hee Haw Honeys' were set in Tennessee
    They have a NFL football team named the Tennessee Titans (1997- ), formerly the Houston Oilers.
    They have a NHL hockey team named the Nashville Predators (1998- )
    They have a NBA basketball team named the Memphis Grizzlies (2001- ), which moved from Vancouver (1995-01).
    Tennessee adopted a new constitution abolishing slavery (February 22, 1865).
    They were the first Confederate state readmitted to the Union (July 24, 1866).
    They were the first to ratify the 14th Amendment, guaranteeing civil rights (July 19, 1866).
    The first US commercial FM radio station went on the air (Nashville, March 1, 1941).
    Elvis Presley graduated from LC Humes High School in Memphis (June 14, 1953).
    It hosted the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville (opened May 1, 1982).

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