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TV Series

The Resume

    (February 26, 2002-May 20, 2003)
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Eleanor 'Ellie' Riggs
    Lauren Bowles as Susan
    Darren Boyd as Ben
    Steve Carell as Edgar
    Don Lake as Dr. Zimmerman
    Peter Stormare as Ingvar
    Fred Willard as Fred
    Creator: Brad Hall
    Number of episodes: 19 (16 aired)
    Premise: Continuous 22 minute segment in the life of a Los Angeles vocal starlet

Why Watching Ellie might be annoying:

    Originally scheduled for the 2001-2002 Fall TV season, but with no pilot and not even a script it was moved back to become a mid season replacement.
    The countdown clock tended be a distraction. By episode eight, the count down clock was only shown for a few seconds just before and after a commercial break and eventually completely removed.
    It tried to profit off of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' portrayal of Elaine on 'Seinfeld,' slightly changing her name to Ellie. Like Elaine, the character was a strong single woman.
    The title character was Eleanor Rigg, also an obvious rip off of the Beatle's 'Eleanor Rigby.'
    It did way less than expected in the ratings and was not asked back to begin the 2002-03 season. It eventually limped to death with two months of episodes in April 2003.
    Ellie's boyfriend was married to another woman.
    Talk about nepotism, Julia's husband Brad Hall created the show, and her real sister portrayed her sister.
    The original title was '23 Minutes and 12 Seconds in the Life of Eleanor Riggs' but the show was shaved to 22 minutes.
    The character of Edgar, quickly gets on your nerves.
    They attempted to exploit Julia Louis-Dreyfus with her appearing in her bra and low cut mini-dress for much of the first episode.
    Although nineteen episodes were shot, only sixteen were aired. The final three episodes of season one were not shown.

Why Watching Ellie might not be annoying:

    It tried a novel idea of putting a count down clock in the lower left corner, starting at 22 minutes.
    It was shot in real time using a single camera shoot, meaning a 22 minute episode was 22 continuous minutes in their life.
    For the second season, they stopped using the single camera only, concept.
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus performed the show's theme song in the second season.

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