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50 Greatest Comedy Albums [2 Drink Minimum - April 8, 2004]

Abbots of the Friars Club

Amy Schumer Allegedly Stole My Jokes

Black Comedians

Blue Collar Comedy Tour [2006]

Canadian Comedians

Carol Burnett Impersonations


Co-ed Magazine's 10 Most Unfunny Comedians of All Time

Comedians Featured in 'The Aristocrats'

Comedians Who Smoke on Stage


Comedy Central's 100 Greatest Stand-Ups

Comic Relief USA

Commie Award Recipients [2003]

Complex.com's 50 Hottest Funny Girls of All-Time

Dave Chappelle's Impersonations

Deadpan Comedians

Def Comedy Jam [Hosts]

Def Comedy Jam [Performers]

Entertainment Weekly's 10 Left Off the 25 Funniest People in America [2004]

Entertainment Weekly's 25 Funniest People in America [2004]

Entertainment Weekly's 50 Funniest People Alive [1997]

Fat Comedians

Females Pied [A-L]

Females Pied [M-Z]

Forbes' Top-Earning Comedians [2007]

Groundlings Alumni

Harvard Lampoon Alumni

I Appeared in 'Colbert Report's' 'We'll Meet Again' Farewell Medley

I Appeared in Jay Leno’s 'So Long, Farewell’ Tonight Show Medley [2014]

I Crack Myself Up

I Have a Unique Laugh

I Impersonated Regis Philbin

I Lampooned Snooki

I Mocked Helen Keller

I Wrestled Andy Kaufman


Jewish Comedians

Jim Carrey's Impersonations

Joan River's Top 5 Comedians [June 2008]

John Goodman's Impersonations

Julia Child Impersonators

Males Pied [A-J]

Males Pied [K-Z]

Marx Movies

Masked Avengers Prank Phone Calls

Maxim's Worst Comedians of All-Time [2006]

Members of the Hillcrest Country Club Comedians' Round Table

Muscular Comedians

Offensive Comedians

Our Gang [Little Rascals]

Our Gang [Little Rascals] Curse

Phyllis Diller's 6 Favorite Comedians

Playboy's Top 25 Outlaws of Comedy [2004]

Premium Blend [Performers]

Realm of Darkness.net Celebrity Prank Phone Calls

Robin Williams Impersonations

Satirists and Wits

Second City Alumni

The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour

Three Stooges

Tracey Ullman Impersonations

Vicki Lawrence Impersonations

Zoo Magazine's Top 10 Brit Comedians [March 2008]


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